I would recommend that anybody who ran a pacing clinic got PACENET because there’s nothing else out there like it.

Piers Wright, Senior Cardiac Physiologist

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PACENET makes your pacing records available to teams throughout the hospital. It speeds up workflows, mitigates clinical risk and gives you powerful tools to analyze your pacing data.

Manage all patients on one system
PACENET imports data from manufacturers’ remote-monitoring systems so that all in-clinic and remote-monitored patients can be managed together on a single platform.
Rapidly analyze patient data
PACENET has over 100 search parameters, providing clinicians with powerful tools for analyzing data, auditing information and supporting research.
Speed up workflow and increase quality of care
PACENET’s functionality is designed to increase efficiency, meaning that staff can spend less time on admin and more time with their patients.
Mitigate clinical risk in your pacing clinic
PACENET’s complete device recall system provides clinicians with the tools they need to rapidly identify and follow up with all affected patients.